Do you feel comfortable that policy is keeping up with the pace of technological development in AI?

Asked by Mags Chilaev - 5 months ago

Are policy makers are being quick enough at thinking through unintended consequences around AI, or do you think the technology is still in its infancy so there's not so much to keep up with?

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Hodan O - 5 months ago

A good question! I think most technologies by nature tend to outpace regulation, which is often slow moving. But the approach to AI policy really depends on the social, economic and political goals of a given nation or region. Europe, for example, I think has a more precautionary attitude to AI which feeds into their approach to regulation and privacy which tries to create a solid framework for its growth. This is different from the United States which tries to take a much lighter touch approach due to concerns that a heavy hand may quell growth and innovation.

AI policy really touches every part of a system: automated weapons in defense, self-driving cars in transport, machine learning for cancer detection in healthcare, smart cities, AI in agriculture, facial recognition technology in homeland security to name but a few! There is so much to consider and think about and policy in some of these areas is more developed than in others. Some policy needs to happen at the department level, the G7 just came out with global AI policy plans and some measures for regulation are being driven by industry. 

All that to say, lots of work is being done and even more left to do that require collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach to ensure AI policy is fair, equitable, and effective.

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