As Canadian who is studying abroad Myself I wanted to know is the process of obtaining residency I.e better to do before or after graduation of med school?

Asked by anon (Female, 26) - 3 months ago

I am currently entering my 5th year of a 6 year program here in Europe. I am from Toronto I am considering applying for residency there as an option however it’s not my first or second priority due to the process. I am considering the Uk but I wanted to know what the process is like upon graduating or before in obtaining residency there.

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Hafsa Ahmed - 3 months ago

Another Canadian IMG! Love it! 

So as a European student, you might be able to apply now as a final year student (deadline is coming up soon!) You might even be exempt from the PLAB exams depending on where in Europe you studied. It is a bit of a hassle but it is no where near as long or hard as the Canadian or US systems. You could always apply after you graduate, but then you waste a year. By applying now, you have the added benefit of making money and gaining clinical experience the summer after you graduate. 

I will be running an indepth international medical graduate course with the British Somali Medical Association tomorrow. Please tune in as we will go into detail about how to apply for training in the UK as a European/International Graduate. You can also DM me on twitter @ahdhafsa if you have any further questions.

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