As a medical student in my last two years, is there any particular advice you have /what things should I focus on that could make a difference when I begin work? Thank you.

Asked by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago

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Samira Hassan - 3 weeks ago

First of all, I wish you all the best in your studies and wish you all the success in medical school. 

I would advice you to use the time on the wards to really brush up on your clinical management knowledge as well as practical clinical skills. You will definitely need this when you start off as a junior doctor (especially the practical skills that you are expected to be proficient in). 

I would also advise you to use your time on the wards, clinics, etc to speak to senior doctors about the different specialties - asking about their personal insights, why they chose that specialty, the practicalities of career progression in that field, etc. 

Lastly, use your time to conduct simple audits or quality improvement projects- which will not only boost your medical CVs but will make life easier throughout medical training where quality improvement work is a constant feature. So try to learn how it is conducted through practice. 

Enjoy your time in medical school as well. Important to maintain a sense of balance always. 

good luck!

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