Are some people just naturally good at maths or is it just a question of perseverance??

Asked by anon (Male, 22, Algeria) - 4 months ago

Thank you for doing this session. I'm 26 so it's not really relevant to my life at the moment but I was wondering whether in your experience maths is something that people are just naturally good at or not at all? I got by with the subject at school but I didn't pursue it for A level because I just thought I didn't have the right type of brain to do it properly

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Maleeha Khawaja - 4 months ago

Thanks for your question! 

There are probably some people who are naturally good at Maths. However, from my experience, I don't agree that people are either good at it or they're not!

From my experience at university, it's clear from professional academics and PhD students that perseverence is key. By that I mean, they don't give up on a problem after trying one method and often spend years working to solve one particular problem. 

In my own personal experience, in my early undergraduate days, sometimes I would get frustrated if I didn't understand something straight away and I would give up trying. Later on, I learnt not to give up so easily and developed the habit of asking questions whenever I got really stuck. This helped me a lot! 

If you're interested in picking things up, there are lots of resources online these days. It just requires a different approach to some other subjects. Please don't think you don't have the right type of brain! 

I hope I answered your question :) 

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