How has the transition to IFG full time been? What are your goals in the next 2-3 years ?

Asked by Anonymous - 6 months ago

1 Answer

Ibrahim Khan - 6 months ago

It has been awesome, inevitable and fairly painless.

We've been we've been working on IFG for many years and it has slowly built up to the point it was too big to contain to a side hustle. 

Going full-time has meant that focus is just on IFG which is super helpful and clarifying. 

It has been inevitable as if one typically sticks at something long enough it grows too large for a side hustle. Most people just don't stick at stuff long enough.

It has been relatively painless as the two months before I left work I was taken off most projects so had a lot more capacity so I was already spending a lot of time on IFG work. Going full-time just changed the venue that's all!


Plan for next 2-3 years is to help Muslims in the UK sort their personal finances out, help them find halal investments and Islamic mortgages and get the best Muslim startups funded. 

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