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Things to do in Chechnya over the summer?

Deni Saidoulaev - 2 months, 1 week ago

It depends on how "extreme" you want to go and whether you're up for some hiking. Regardless, many places can be visited with a well-suited car. From the top of my head I'm thinking about the following places: Nashxa, Galanchozh, Tsoy-Pede, Argun canyon, Lake Kazenoy, Hoi, Harkaroi, Itum-Kali... T…
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At large organizations I've worked with I've been using Jira, Agile Central, MS products (Sharepoint, ...), Asana, Trello. All except for the latter two are great (sometimes just good enough) for large companies. Asana I found to be a good product that can manage sprints as well. Airtable I've use…
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