What are the sorts of things you should try to negotiate before accepting a job offer?

Asked by Mags Chilaev - 5 months ago

If I'm offered a Senior Product Manager role at a start-up (200+ people) what are the main things I can negotiate before I accept the offer?

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Djabrail Islamov - 4 months ago

You need to think about what you want out of this job and use that as a framework to determine the elements of the offer you would like to change. Salary : what is someone with my competencies and experience in this role and in this city paid? Databases and job search websites, such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Ladders, and Salary.com are a good starting point. For the job content : understand what your role would be and what it wouldn’t be. Having a deep understanding of what’s expected of you is critical for deciding whether you do indeed want the job. -Culture fit : reach out to your contacts and LinkedIn network and ask questions. You will not be able to negotiate or change the organization’s culture but it is helpful to know beforehand what you’re getting into. - Flexibility, vacation, and other perks : health benefits are typically standard issue, additional paid time off may be negotiable, find out whether current employees are afforded such benefits.
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