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I work with a French guy who's about the same age as me (29) and has a similar level of experience. I've started to notice that in zoom meetings I will say something and he will wait for me to finish and then completely change the conversation. It's really patronising. Also another time I made … (see more)

Hibaq Farah If I were you, Id start by asserting myself a little more in the meetings and just ensuring that he understands that he cant dismiss your o… (see more)

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It was always going to be a challenge because my husband is an only child. What can I do to make things better with my mother in law? When we're together she will try to provoke me by making certain comments about my weight and my job and unfortunately sometimes I respond and it turns into an ar… (see more)

Hibaq Farah It is your husbands responsibility to ensure his mum does not make such comments. When you can, try to just remove yourself from the situat… (see more)

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One of my friends told me she's dating this guy and I just figured out we went to college together. I haven't seen him for about 5 years but trust me when I say this guy was the biggest scumbag in my year. He ended up getting suspended for something and that was the last I heard of him. Anyway n… (see more)

Yusuf Ahmed people change especially from that age. he might have had family issues at home that neither you or anybody else knew about. you should tel…

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I'm a lawyer but I think I've reached the end of my tether in this career. I don't know what career I would want to go into instead, so I'm considering applying for a Masters in anthropology. Is it bad to spend all that time and energy doing an MSc if you're not planning to pursue in via academia o… (see more)

My younger sister wants to apply to study medicine next year (starting 2021). Her predicted grades are OK: Chemistry A, Biology A and Maths B. Her GCSEs again are OK but not again exceptional. I went to an academic school and so many of the smartest people in my year applied for medicine and eit… (see more)