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Does it mean you're able to earn more when you start work or is there another reason you decided to do it?

Zelimhan Akhmiev I am really interested in the thermodynamic and heat transfer aspect of jet engines. So when presented with an option to work for an engine… (see more)

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I'm wondering if you have any tips for how to have a balance the two things. Does it leave time for anything else if you commit to both?

Adam Adaman It can be quite difficult to juggle the two, but there are ways to manage that responsibility and minimise any stress or difficulties that … (see more)

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Bella Chilaeva Ассалам Алейкум дорогие соотечественники . Я постараюсь изложить то с чем я столькнулась . Большинство врачей приезжающих в Англию находя… (see more)

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Aboubakar Islamov Il n’est pas demandé de connaitre quoique ce soit de plus que ce qui est appris dans le cursus normal puisque les écoles se chargent de vou… (see more)

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Alaudin Chilaev Как известно, в Вайнахском обществе множество религиозных течений: хаджи вирд , къайлахь вирд, множество других. При всех различиях, есть … (see more)

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