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I feel like the Chechen countryside has a lot to offer but for some reason every year we go back home we spend the entire time sitting at home and seeing the same people. What fun things are there to do (and please don't say go to Grozny City please)

Deni Saidoulaev It depends on how "extreme" you want to go and whether you're up for some hiking. Regardless, many places can be visited with a well-suited… (see more)

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We're supposed to be flying Moscow to Grozny this summer and I'm wondering how safe people think the airplanes are. I'm already a nervous flyer but I'm especially nervous because I know how relaxed Russian regulations are when it comes to flying. Also there's often news about a plane going down or … (see more)

Alaudin Chilaev Для полетов на родину, достаточно большой выбор: Грозный, Магас, Владикавказ. Все эти а/порты расположены довольно близко друг от друга. М… (see more)

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I've seen some people set up Russian and Chechen channels on their TV. Does anybody know how to do this?

Have you ever seen a Chechen man wearing something that you thought looked really bad?

If I'm offered a Senior Product Manager role at a start-up (200+ people) what are the main things I can negotiate before I accept the offer?

Djabrail Islamov You need to think about what you want out of this job and use that as a framework to determine the elements of the offer you would like to … (see more)

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