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I've sent off all my university applications already for deferred entry (2021) so I can take a gap year. I'm hoping to use this extra year working and saving up so I don't need to take a student loan. For those who have finished university recently, how much do you think you ended up spending e… (see more)

Both of my children go to local primary schools in Surrey and understandably there's quite a lot of excitement around Christmas. We're a religious house and I already said this isn't something that we'd be celebrating, but I'm feeling quite a lot of pressure to organise something so the children do… (see more)

Alinoor Rahman In addition to সৈয়দা response, I would include the Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham as areas where there are large Bangladeshi communities w…

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সৈয়দা The good news is that London is a very diverse city. We are very open and welcoming to diverse groups and you will see a multitude of ethni… (see more)

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As part of the diaspora, it was always hard for me to embrace my culture growing up and it still is. When I think of my culture, I think of the corrupt government and rich/poor disparity in Bangladesh. That being said, I love and embrace parts of our culture and I want to be proud of it. The food, … (see more)