About Us

What we're building

Jamma makes it easier for Vainakh to learn more about where they come from. We’re doing this by building a collection of questions about about Vainakh history, culture and current affairs, curated and answered by people in the Vainakh diaspora. Together, we’re helping to piece together the story of the Vainakh people.

How we got here

Co-Founders Mags and Abdul are both first-generation immigrants, who moved to the UK as children from Chechnya and Somalia. They crossed paths at Oxford but became friends after graduating. As they started talking, they discovered they had a lot in common - they both faced challenges of balancing two different identities growing up; they appreciated the value of belonging to a community and knew the difficulty of staying connected to it. They also understood that while many of their experiences were shared, there were also some experiences that were unique to their respective communities. This inspired them to build Jamma, a space where people in communities can share knowledge, learn from each other and discuss issues that are important to them.

The Team

Mags Chilaev


Mags graduated from Oxford in 2014 where he read History & Politics. He interned at J.P Morgan during his studies but having realised banking wasn’t for him, decided to start his own company after university (Jamma is his 2nd company).

Abdul-Rahman Jama


Abdul is a software engineer based in London. His engineering background is largely in the fintech space. He has an M.A. in linguistics from University College London and a B.A. in Oriental Studies (Arabic and Hebrew) from the University of Oxford.